Passion…I think it’s like your first love,



it never dies, fuck corny isn’t it?

As far as I could remember I used to play with chalk, crayons, pencil, markers and pens when I was three or four years old I guess? At that time I just what to write and draw anything at our walls, door and even in the floor, ANYWHERE at our house.

My mother noticed my annoying behavior so she gave me a black board. And scolded me about the vandals I made. 🙂

Gosh, I remembered those times when I talk with myself alone while illustrating characters from the animes and cartoons that I watched from the television. I guess it was an extra motivation to me when I talk to myself . Its like that the character I am illustrating is talking and moving in my imagination.

That behavior : making conversation with myself lasted for almost six years, I guess.  What the! did I just mentioned that I used to be a crazy?

Anyway my mother was bothered, and ask me how I wasted some papers in making “karaws” -nonsense piece of art.

As I grew up, I’ve join a lot of art competition such as poster making, on the spot drawing , and other artistic craft making.  Sometimes I bring home the bacon and sometimes I bring home nothing (funny gerly). Well, that’s part of competition of course.

So PASSION, It’s like your best friend, someone who treats you special and most of all someone who will make you feel better when your down.

Finding your purpose is a process of following your passion…following what enlivens you.

As you have more experiences that allow you to feel passionate and alive, in this energized, awake state, you will have ideas will come to you and now you will have the energy and conviction to follow them.  Trust that the things that enliven you form the whole picture of your life of passion and purpose.  As you continue to recognize what enlivens you, you will notice the thread of purpose that holds them together.  First, simply develop an appreciation, trust and commitment to live close to that which enlivens you.

Our passion exists in the space of awe and amazement that we so willingly stepped into as a child. We can not see our dreams, know our true calling, hear our true voice when we look with a sense of desperation, impatience or doubt. Only looking with Eyes of Awe will its radiance greet you and invite you to play with it.

Yeah now, As you can observed I had this idea of posting my captured photographs and a sample of my graphic design. Well, I’m not a pro in photography but I have this passion in improving my skills to deliver unique images.

The photos that I posted above was a product of my willingness to prove that we can capture objects using our own resources. For me a good photograph doesn’t require a lot of “kaartehan” , there’s this teacher that told us that “ang magandang pag-edit di nahahalata na edited.” well that’s true!

For now, I hope digital age won’t make us forget the other artistic way of creating an art with paints, crayons, oil pastels, papers and other native  materials used for art activities.