While listening to the song,  I realized that its nice to be alone here in my room.  My crazy gestures are sealed here.

The band was not familiar to me so I’m an ignorant.

At first I was hesitant to watch the video, so I downloaded it first so I could play it  continuously during my free time. I was watching the intro when I focused my attention at the set, “yeah cool!”.

The setting was relax and the instruments captured my attention for I also have an enthusiasm in music. Well of course the musicians were also awesome especially the guitarists… did they smoke weeds?? or sort of powder?? anyway enough of accusations.

Toe with Toki Asako

So while listening…  I felt this weird thing that it seems like I could feel that I’m in Japan. Let me      explain!! so as the band played the song, I was amazed that through the sound of the guitars and drums I could imagine myself that I’m in a different place. I felt the iciness and it’s really relaxing!

And now surprisingly, I always listen to the song… Goodbye by Toe and I also had my research about them. I also searched for their other songs and here I am a new Toe fan. (sounds ridiculous)

Seriously, I totally agree that they are really an epic band. In addition, I learned that they were already in the industry since 2000 so they absolutely nailed their profession. Today, it is  a hard challenge for bands and other entertainer to make their selves last for a long time in entertainment industry.



But aside from Toe band from Japan,I also encourage you (my dear reader) to listen to thai bands! I swear they’re also good and awesome here’s the list!

SUCK SEED!!!!!!!!

This is the Soundtrack and Band list :
1. Toom yoo nai jai : Aof Big Ass
2. Pleng tee chun mai dai tang : No More Tear
3. Sukseed tueng : Paradox
4. Numta : Big Ass
5. Lieng song : So Cool
6. Ying to ying suay : Blackhead
7. Bungearn Tid Din : Asanee Wasan
8. Bussaba : Moderndog
9. Pieng ruk : Silly Fools
10. Ruduron : Paradox
11. Kwarm chuer : Bodyslam
12. Original score sieng toom nai jai thur : Hualampong Riddim Original score
13. Puen sanit : Nat
14. Mee tae thur : Tar Paradox
15. Pleng tee chun mai dai tang : Arena (Concert Version)
16. Suckseed tueng : Suck seed (Concert Version)
17. Toom yoo nai jai : Gao & Nat (Acoustic Version)

TRIVIA : The songs listed above were the cool sound track of ONE of the Most successfull movie in Thailand “SUCK SEED!” you should watch!!!! It will wipe out your stressful day!

I just remembered Mordecai and Rigby : )

-YEAH thats all for now DUDE, 🙂