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by David Wyatt


It took me long to finally made this blog entry. Actually I’m really down and stressed out with my personal issues so this entry might sound nostalgic, sorry.

This picture obviously looks like adventurous and fictitious. How could a sea creature float in the air? did God recreated them or are they product of mutation!?

Anyway, I think its an ending of tremendous tragedy and at the same time a start of a new beginning.

I remembered this line which I heard from the television “hindi importante kung saan ka galing, ang importante ay kung saan ka pupunta.”

This tragedy in my journey really broke me apart. I really took it seriously so,  It’s also my fault 😦

Anyway, looking at the bright side, I still got my life so I need to continue though its tough to start all over again.

There’s this fear that “what if…” what if I failed again?

With that, I really thank my conscious part that keeps on reminding me that I can do this! I can sail again!

Failure is a part of fulfilling my dreams. And making choices is part of growing up.

I think that’s enough for now 😐





thinking buzz…. buzzz…


                                              I  N S P I R A T I O N



Just to make things CLEAR…

According from the instruction… “Play around”.




Nips – when I was in elementary, I used to think that its to        expensive. And now HOHOHOHO … no comment.  

Nars – doctor’s assistant, what else? hm… they’re in uniform, they   always wear shoes, some are unemployed and just hanging around.

Atis – you know it’s a fruit that looks like grapes oops! let me finish they are hard bounded grapes ok?  how ’bout the taste? well I can’t define it I have never tasted one so I’ll just leave it and forget it.

Sira– now its tricky so read well…

(1st) Sira- you know the specific one … fish.

(2nd) Sira- a general term for a dish or in tagalog “ulam”

(3rd) Sira- destroy

Nora- the TALL actress with dark-round annoying something in her face.  She shouted “Walang himala!”

Ratio– the long-time partner of proportion

Son– a product of  an X and a Y chromosome

Pin- simplified form of  Pinpin

Ant- an irritating, defensive and industrious insect (my idol)

 Rain– happens before the rainbow appears

Ion-  is an atom or molecule in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons, giving it a net positive or negative electrical charge. (Don’t mess with the Gerly!) I love Pocari Sweat, a japanese soft drink and sports drink  so I love ions. HOHOHO

Art-  is fun!

YEe… even my niece is having fun with ART! :))))))))))))


Fuck!! what was that?

Three humanoid rabbits?, weird!

“THE RABBITS” is bizarre!

This man really made me feel quite disturbed and curious.


His style is known for being just flat-out weird. He seems to have his own little world, where nothing makes sense. Nothing is simply explain to the viewers, they have to look at things closely and figure out what his art really means. So I guess an open and artistic mind is essential.

“The Rabbit” is really creepy. :/


I will never watch this film alone! My imagination really works and keep on convincing me that there’s something mysterious to those humanoid rabbits. Obviously, the set really made a statement. From its light settings, the furniture and from the characters itself.  I also had lots of question that puzzled my mind… Why did David Lynch used three humanoid rabbits in a small apartment set??? The place is always dimly-lit, it’s always raining outside (Holy***** its also raining outside :/ ) , and the rabbits hardly ever talk. And when they do, it never makes sense!

As a viewer, I made my own observation, so I wrote the conversations made by the characters. I was excited that I would discover the connection between each jumbled dialog. Unfortunately ,I wasn’t able to do such discovery 😦

[You should also try 🙂  I would love to hear your version. 😀 ]

Oh wait! I should mention that sitcom laugh track that laughs at the rabbits occasionally. Now the worst part… that made me feel “Fu*k!” Why did a demon thing appeared! And there was this scary scene where the door randomly opens followed by a scream from a woman… I think?, which doesn’t seem to bother the rabbits.

Well, I would like to share an idea from the film… (It’s not my own idea but it really captured me that It could be the possible appropriate interpretation of the film.)

The three humanoid rabbit are souls in Purgatory.

The general theory is that these three are people who died and are now in Limbo between our world and Hell. Every now and then, we hear talk of what sounds like a murder story, with descriptions such as sharp teeth, dogs running, and other weird images that suggest a hunting trip. This implies that these three are hunters who died, and so were sent to Hell and are in the process of being reincarnated as Rabbits.

There is the occasional mention of a strange man who is expected to visit them, and the three rabbits constantly ask if he’s visiting. He could be their “boss”, or rather the one who’s keeping them imprisoned in this mundane, lifeless existence.

The demon head thing could be a visit from Satan who is informing them on their stay, and the laugh track could be other souls in Hell mocking them. Note that we hear the laugh track after lines to do with time (“What time is it?”), which implies that this is another dimension, where time is useless. The laugh track is a way of saying “You stupid rabbits, time is pointless and so are you”! We also hear Jane randomly say “I wish they would go away”, and later she says “All day..”. This suggests the rabbits know they are being watched, and that they’re fully aware of what’s happening around them which, again, is all the more reason for them to be excited when their “boss” arrives, hopefully with the good news that they can leave.

Also, the unnerving ending scene where the door opens and we hear a woman scream, this could be another soul entering Hell and seeing the rabbits for the first time. Note the rabbits are not phased by this, implying that they’re used to it, which strengthens the theory that they’re eager to leave this place.

Well for me it is an odd nightmare that doesn’t end! I think that “rabbits” is an excellent short movie from Lynch, which explores one more time the boundaries of nonsense. I couldn’t recover 😦

My imagination made it worst.

 Anyway, the interpretation above might be the idea of the film. I don’t wanna watch it again! (unless… with a crowd :))))

Now… to save myself from my imagination… I will just imagine myself in the “Land of Ooo” 🙂


Adventure Time!

Have a nice day! :)))))