by David Wyatt


It took me long to finally made this blog entry. Actually I’m really down and stressed out with my personal issues so this entry might sound nostalgic, sorry.

This picture obviously looks like adventurous and fictitious. How could a sea creature float in the air? did God recreated them or are they product of mutation!?

Anyway, I think its an ending of tremendous tragedy and at the same time a start of a new beginning.

I remembered this line which I heard from the television “hindi importante kung saan ka galing, ang importante ay kung saan ka pupunta.”

This tragedy in my journey really broke me apart. I really took it seriously so,  It’s also my fault 😦

Anyway, looking at the bright side, I still got my life so I need to continue though its tough to start all over again.

There’s this fear that “what if…” what if I failed again?

With that, I really thank my conscious part that keeps on reminding me that I can do this! I can sail again!

Failure is a part of fulfilling my dreams. And making choices is part of growing up.

I think that’s enough for now 😐