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Public places, candid snapshots, fleeting moments captured. That’s what street photography is all about, and the following eight blogs do it beautifully:

Jimmy on the Run

365 From the Archive

Über die Webbographie

Sami Alramyan

Without an H

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Bones, Mugs & Harmony

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The Blog

For many, blogging is a solo journey, but it doesn’t have to be. Did you know a blog on can have multiple contributors? Check out the following group blogs, and you might find inspiration for a project that your friends, colleagues, or family members would love to collaborate on:

Jessica Korteman

Jessica and Hai, a globetrotting Australian couple and writer/photographer team currently based in Tokyo, document their adventures with words and images. The home page is a dynamic display of the vibrant images of the festivals and places they’ve explored and is a fun way to share their content.

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Thirty Six 24 Thirty Six

Two friends under the aliases Naomi and Elle approach weight loss, body image, exercise, and women’s health with heart, humor, and sass. The conversational blog is new, but the pair…

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LOGO for myself 🙂

I could still remember those times… back when I was in elementary ,I was like a floating flower in a river.

Unitl now, I’m always there… you can find anywhere.. just following the wind.

Not sure where am I going.


Yeah, I really found myself here ,  at Ok Go’s music video.

AS of now, I’m really trying my best to continue… though I’m engaged into a burning situation (lol,)  While watching the video I had some realizations.

At this point in my life, I need to be stronger. It’s too early to give up just because of that ____, never mind his a bitch (hohoho, slight lang)

Yeah, I took it seriously, really, so I should accept my stupidity.

Oh that’s it I’m stupid 🙂

Anyway, Everything is connected. Just for example, If you’re going to wake up late during school days, of course , You’re going to face the consequences. What I’m trying to say is  that every small thing no matter how small it is, for sure it will affect you.

Just like from the video, the ending part will never happen if the first and middle part didn’t happen.

It’s the cycle of life.

Sometimes, were to busy with the larger pictures that we are unconsciously ignoring the simple things.

Now, I think I learned to value everything. And accept that  there’s a reason behind this stupidity and failure that I experienced.