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LIKE GAUCHO (free man)

While listening to The Narrative’s “Eyes Closed”, I dug into my childhood memories.

When I was still on my innocent point of life, I used to own a piteousness of doves.

My Father together with my elder brothers made them some petite yet durable houses made of old pieces of wood atop our mango tree.

I couldn’t quite remember how they came in our backyard. I was too young to reminisce when or how they came.

However, I could still picture out a few details of what they looked like.

The glowing plumage around their wings. The dark hue wrapped around their body.

It was fun watching them.

Before and after school, I used to check them out.

I was entertained by their continuous flocking and their never ending acts of “birdyness”

I can remember how I thought that this flock of magnificent birds would stay with me til I grow up

Years past, the feeling of serenity in the mere sight of these birds are still in my mind.

I realized that; ” All things must come to an end…

that includes GOOD things as well”